Monday, August 15, 2016

******DATE CHANGED******

The Rock Race is now OCTOBER 21-23rd, 2016.
Registration for the North Idaho Mud and Crawl Rock Race is now open! To pre-register for the race you need to email the following information:

-Driver Name/Co driver name
-Which Class you want to race
-Vehicle description (eng/trans, tire size/type, vehicle type/mods/pics)
-Email address for the Paypal transaction ($100 per team (covers driver and codriver))

Class 1-  41" + tires
Class 2-  40" under tires
Class 3-  SxS/UTV

There will be day of registration if there are race openings still available come race weekend. Any questions feel free to message us! If you need co driver, there will be several people at the event that would love to go for a ride/pull winch line. Email information/questions to