Rock Race Info

Rock Race Competition OCT 21-23rd, 2016. $100 Entry fee for Competitors. This covers 1 driver and 1 spotter, $60 goes towards the purse for your class, fastest team takes whole purse. Spectators $20 all weekend, 14 and under are free. Tech inspection/Prerunning Friday, Race Saturday, Open course Sunday.

Class 1:   41”+ tires or rear steer, winch required
Class 2:   40” and under tire, winch required
Class 3:   UTV/SxS class, no restrictions.

Rock Race Rules:
  •         Must have DOT helmet for driver and anyone inside of vehicle. (Loaner helmets available).
  •         Must have at least a 3 point belt. 4 pt harness recommended. 
  •         Must have at least a full cab or 6 pt cage. (Factory UTV cage ok)
  •     Must have a min 5 lbs fire extinguisher mounted in/on vehicle and in pit area.
  •        Spotter must stay  15’ away from vehicle unless it is stopped and no tires moving.
  •        Instant disqualification if spotter touches vehicle while it’s moving/tires moving.
  •    Instant disqualification if vehicle breaks course caution tape.
  •    Race will be 1 1/2 hour long. Class standing is based on number of laps completed.
  •    At the 1 1/2 hour mark, racer's are allowed to finish current lap to determine standings.(ie if lap count is the same between two racers, who ever finishes the lap first will determine finishing order.
  •    Community pit area, racer's are encouraged to have spare tires/fuel in pit area, 5lbs extinguisher required for each team. Teams are encouraged to help each other in pits. 
  • All racers in a class will start at the same time. Contact is discouraged.