Insanity Fab Winter Challenge 2016

Alright Winter Challenge fans, here are the official results of the race, but first, 
Huge Thank You to all our sponsors:
Mac's, Factor 55, Lost River Offroad, and General Tire!
Jason Weidhuner took first overall and was awarded the GENERAL TIRES certificate for a set of new GENERAL TIRES of his choice, he also walked away with $300 from Insanity Fab and NIMAC!
Carl Jantz was awarded the LOST RIVER OFFROAD light bar certificate plus $300 from Insanity Fab and NIMAC. 
Ben Grendahl was awarded the FACTOR 55 FLAT LINK
Shawn (Barnyard) Wiles was awarded the MAC'S ENGINE PIVOT AND TOW STRAP
Carl Jantz of JANTZ ENGINEERING also awarded Jason, Ben, and Shawn each a set of JFLATERS airdown device.

Grant Hedblom also received a $150 gift cert to LOST RIVER OFFROAD for stopping to winch another racer out of a bottleneck area. 
In Class A:
  1. Jason Weidhuner/Ethan Zoglman-68 Blazer Buggy
  2. Ben Grendahl/Jenn-Blue CJ7
  3. Jim Brooks/Riley Brooks-Green Toyota truggy
  4. John Mathews/Sam Wagner-TJ
  5. Tony Fox/Fran Voegle-TJ
  6. Eric Bledsoe/Casey Dane-the General CJ
  7. Graeme Tydeman/Kaitlin Yates-Samurai Buggy (Bent rear rim/cut tire 1st lap)
  8. Ed Pennington/Jake Ausmus-White Toyota (Broke steering 1st lap)
Class B:
  1. Carl Janz/Rich Rudman-SuperJeep
  2. Shawn (Barnyard) Wiles/Chris Bradford-Toyota Truggy
  3. Grant Hedblom/Don Brown-Chevy Crew Cab
  4. Mason Schlat/chad Henson-Black 1st gen Toyota
  5. Justin Nassey/Brandon-92 4Runner (Lost tire completly off the rim)
  6. Mark Shultz/Kayanna Shultz-90 Suburban
  7. Craig Simla/Mike Simla-Land Cruiser (steering issues)

Thanks again to all the racers and sponsors who made this a successful event!!