Thursday, November 6, 2014

Here is a post from Beau Lyon's facebook page:

"PLEASE READ, LIKE, SHARE!!! CANCER RUN!!! My name is Beau Lyons of Dirtybirdy Offroad. While filming on a event one of my favorite drivers and a great man named Lorne Kalesnikoff broke his neck. when he went to the hospital they found that he had a cancerous tumor in his neck which the pressure and the roll caused his neck to break. while running more test to check for cancer they found that this great man had stage 4 liver cancer and not much time to live. while he is telling me this, he told me how proud he was to be apart of my offroad and filming team. and that he plans to wheel with me till the day he dies.....if you have never had anyone say anything like that to you and mean it......let me tell you it shuck me up to say the least, the absolute least. His last wish is to have his dream wedding marry his beautiful woman Ashleigh Koochin. That to me hit home pretty hard to say the least. That's love to me... And if its the last thing I ever do im going to make that happen. Im putting on a charity run December 13, 2014 at Mountain Mafia Entertainment LLC at 9am for a day of extreme offroading. $20.00 dollar donation per person kids 14 and under free. Then in January date is still being desided dirtybirdy offroad with be putting on part 2 of this charity at North Idaho Mud and Crawl. Both events are just one day, all day. I will be filming both events and going to put together a highlights real for lorne to watch. im also looking for anyone interested in donating money or anything to go to this cause....I will owe everyone that helps with this. Every single cent of this money will go to this cause. I don't know how many of you out there wish they could do something like this for someone they love but I believe I can make this happen with your help. I know he would do it for me. He is a great man. PLEASE like this, share it, comment on it, to show the support for not only a great wheeler, but a great man. Lets blow up facebook with this, take it over. I want this to be something we all can remember. Lorne it has been my honor to be apart of you. This will be how I say thank you."

North Idaho Mud and Crawl is both honored and very humbled to be apart of this, standby as we prepare to have two excellent off road charity runs, one at Mountain Mafia and one at NIMAC. Mountain Mafia run will be December 13th, 2014, NIMAC run will be in January, no set weekend yet.